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Babies High-performance Medical Equipment Surgical Professional Infant Phototherapy Incubator ECOR008
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Babies High-performance Medical Equipment Surgical Professional Infant Phototherapy Incubator ECOR008

BEDFORDMED Infant Incubator mainly used to provide a cultivation and treatment environment for low -body weight infants, weak illnesses, weak infants, and premature babies, which are used in the cultivation environment with clean air and suitable temperature and humidity. It is used for constant temperature culture, body temperature recovery, infusion, oxygen transmission, rescue, and hospitalization observation. The transshipment training box is also used to transport babies safely.
  • Infant Incubator ECOR008



Medical High-performance Baby Treatment Equipment Infant Care Incubator ECOR008

As a newborn and premature infant treatment and nursing equipment, the infant incubator is widely used in obstetrics and neonatal departments of hospitals at all levels. The use object of the infant incubator is mainly low-weight infants with a weak body temperature adjustment ability, weak and weak baby, and premature babies. By providing the environment with a suitable temperature and humidity, it promotes growth and development and rehabilitation. Because the use objects are weak babies, the infant incubator must achieve high safety, accurate and reliable performance parameters, and sensitive alarm functions to achieve the purpose of expected use.

Product feature:
Air temp.and skin temp. servo-controlled by computer
>37ºC temperature setting
Various self-check alarms
Free-step mattress tilting adjustment
Removable humidity reservoir , easy to clean
With the transfusion shelf and tray
Added with guardrail
RS-232 connector

Infant Care Incubator ECOR008 parameters
Packing size(Up) 108*64*92cm
Packing size(Down) 108*64*70cm
N.W.(Up) 65Kg/51Kg
N.W.(Down) 55Kg/44Kg
Environment temperature -10ºC~70ºC
Environment relative humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric Pressure 500~1060hpa

(1) Principle of Infant Incubator

The infant incubator is a equipment that integrates clinical medicine, mechanical manufacturing, electrical control integrated design, computer -aided automatic control, sensor and other advanced technologies. It uses computer technology to perform servo control to the temperature (box temperature/skin temperature) in the box. The proportion of the proportion of the internal air is heated according to the setting temperature to the actual temperature. Baby creates an excellent environment of air purification, suitable temperature and humidity, and similar to maternal uterus, so as to effectively manage the body temperature of the baby, and centralize the baby's pre -operation before and after surgery.

(2) Function of Infant Incubator

The main components of the infant incubator are composed of hosting (including baby cabin, chassis, control box, infusion rack and tray), sensor box, skin temperature sensor, seat seat (cabinet or lifting cabinet), radiation light box (jaundice treatment device) (optional accessories), and weighing device (optional accessories).

The infant incubator has a temperature control system and a humidity control system. The temperature control system includes two control working modes: air mode and skin temperature mode. Control of temperature heating output under air mode: The air temperature detected by the temperature sensor in the infant incubator is from the thermal output of the control heater; the control of the temperature heating output under the skin temperature mode: The skin temperature detected according to the temperature sensor comes from the heat output of the control heater. Humidity control system: The humidity detected by the humidity sensor in the infant incubator comes from the humidifier in the water tank.

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