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Medical Babies Clinic Medicine Emergency ICU Treatment Operating Incubator With RS-232 Connector ECOR009
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Medical Babies Clinic Medicine Emergency ICU Treatment Operating Incubator With RS-232 Connector ECOR009

BEDFORDMED Infant Incubator mainly used to provide a cultivation and treatment environment for low -body weight infants, weak illnesses, weak infants, and premature babies, which are used in the cultivation environment with clean air and suitable temperature and humidity. It is used for constant temperature culture, body temperature recovery, infusion, oxygen transmission, rescue, and hospitalization observation. The transshipment training box is also used to transport babies safely.
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The Main Function Of  Hospital Baby Equipment Infant Care Incubator ECOR009

As a newborn and premature infant treatment and nursing equipment, the baby culture box is widely used in obstetrics and neonatal departments of hospitals at all levels.

The use object of the baby culture box is mainly low -weight infants with a weak body temperature adjustment ability, weak and weak baby, and premature babies. By providing the environment with a suitable temperature and humidity, it promotes growth and development and rehabilitation. Because the use objects are weak babies, the baby culture box must achieve high safety, accurate and reliable performance parameters, and sensitive alarm functions to achieve the purpose of expected use.

The Precautions Of Medical Infant Incubator
1. The baby culture box (hereinafter referred to as the culture box) is a high -risk medical device that endangers the safety of human life. It can only be used in similar wards such as neonatal ward, pediatric ward, obstetric ward, and children's intensive care unit. The operator of the training box must be trained and operates under the guidance of a practicing physician.

2. When working in the instrument, the operator must always pay attention to the patient's condition, and regularly monitor and record the temperature of the patient to see if there are abnormal conditions such as overheating or over -cooling. It is recommended to monitor the baby temperature at least once at least once.

3. When any abnormalities and faults occur in the equipment, stop using it immediately, turn off the power supply and transfer patients, and timely notify the company's after -sales service department or the maintenance provider authorized by the company. Do not repair and test by non -authorized personnel.

4. Direct sunlight or other radiant heat sources will increase the temperature of the culture box, but it will not start the ultra -temperature alarm function of the training box. Therefore, the culture box cannot be placed in a place where the sunlight or other radiant thermal sources exist.

5. Do not place the culture box in places where flammable and chemical gases or other flammable substances (such as certain cleaning liquids) exist.

Product feature
Air temp.and skin temp. servo-controlled by computer
>37ºC temperature setting
Various self-check alarms
Removable humidity reservoir , easy to clean
With the transfusion shelf and tray
RS-232 connector
Phototherapy unit(option)

Infant Care Incubator ECOR009 parameters
Packing size 108*64*112cm
N.W.(Up) 92Kg/72Kg
Air Mode Temp. Range 25.0℃~37.0℃
Skin Mode Temp. Range 34.0℃~37.0℃
Air Over Temp. Range <38.0℃
Electrical Requirement ~220V 50Hz or ~ 230V 60Hz
Power Consumption ≤450VA
Noise ≤55bB(A)

BIN 3000B(S)-3



Q1: What's your guarantee?
All our products have 1 year guarantee, if any quality problem can contact us.

Q2: What's your delivery time ?
The delivery time is 25-35 working days. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q3: What's your minimum order quantity?
MOQ is 1 set.

Q4. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

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