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Hospital Surgical Baby Treatment Equipment Medical Clinic Medicine Emergency Room Infant Phototherapy Incubator ECOR010
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Hospital Surgical Baby Treatment Equipment Medical Clinic Medicine Emergency Room Infant Phototherapy Incubator ECOR010

BEDFORDMED Infant Incubator mainly used to provide a cultivation and treatment environment for low -body weight infants, weak illnesses, weak infants, and premature babies, which are used in the cultivation environment with clean air and suitable temperature and humidity. It is used for constant temperature culture, body temperature recovery, infusion, oxygen transmission, rescue, and hospitalization observation. The transshipment training box is also used to transport babies safely.
  • Infant Incubator ECOR010



Medical High-performance Baby Treatment Equipment Infant Care Incubator ECOR010

As a newborn and premature infant treatment and nursing equipment, the infant incubator is widely used in obstetrics and neonatal departments of hospitals at all levels. The use object of the infant incubator is mainly low-weight infants with a weak body temperature adjustment ability, weak and weak baby, and premature babies. By providing the environment with a suitable temperature and humidity, it promotes growth and development and rehabilitation. Because the use objects are weak babies, the infant incubator must achieve high safety, accurate and reliable performance parameters, and sensitive alarm functions to achieve the purpose of expected use.

Product feature:
Air temp.and skin temp. servo-controlled by computer>37ºC temperature setting
Various self-check alarms
Free-step mattress tilting adjustment
Removable humidity reservoir , easy to clean
With the transfusion shelf and tray
Added with guardrail
RS-232 connectorPhototherapy(option)

Infant Care Incubator ECOR010 parameters
Packing size 108*64*112cm
N.W. 92Kg/72Kg
Mattress temp. uniformity ≤0.8ºC
Environment relative humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric Pressure 500~1060hpa
Air mode alarm ±3.0ºC
Air control accuracy ≤0.5ºC

How to use the infant incubator:

First Point: Preparation

1. Do a good job of cleaning the whole machine and disinfection.

2. Lock the foot wheel of the whole machine to prevent the whole machine from moving.

3. The power cord -the end is inserted from the power supply input jack from the side of the chassis, and the other end is correctly inserted into the 220V/50Hz power socket, which is reliable.

4. Add an appropriate amount of distilled water to the water cup.

Second Point: Operation method

1. Turn on the power switch → the temperature controller enters the self -inspection status. Except for the ultra -temperature alarm indicator and the power -off alarm indicator, all indicators and digital tubes are on → All lights are destroyed → Display the temperature of the box and set the temperature value → If you do not press any keys, automatically enter the box temperature control status → The temperature value of the boot setting is to keep the setting value of the last shutdown.

2. Press the settings → Enter the box temperature setting status → set the temperature display window flickering. According to clinical needs, the temperature setting temperature is changed, push the add and subtract key to make the setting temperature display window consistent with the required value → Exit the setting state → enter the box temperature control state (if you do not press the box temperature key, wait for about 15 seconds to automatically enter the box temperature control status.

Third Point: Nursing method

When your baby cares, open the front panel lock, put down the front door panel, you can put in the baby, close the front door panel and lock the lock. When the baby needs to care, you can use the elbow to press the door lock and reach into the elliptical door for operation. In order to avoid the baby's cold, reduce the door opening time as much as possible. Hurry up and close the door after the completion.

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